Walking Library participates at the 1st Book and Cultural Fair of Huanta

From November 19 to 22, 2019, the walking library of Puriyninchik at the 1st Book and Cultural fair. Many people appreciated and celebrated what we are doing.

At the beginning of the fair, the children and teenagers were shy because they thought we would charge them or would sell them the books, but when we explained them what we were doing, they began to participate more.

Our participants were surprised with the variety of the bibliography (stories, fiction, film magazines, etc.). Some of the themes of the books were animals, dinosaurs, ghosts, history, etc. They gave us a very positive feedback.

It was great to see children and teenagers participate more than once, and they shared the news with their parents and Friends. They were all amazed about such an idea of walking library.

Some parents, teachers, children and teenagers, after reading the awesome books wanted to know if we were selling them because they realized that these kinds of collection are hard to find in this area of Peru.

From this experience we came up with the idea to contact publishers so that they could donate books for these literacy initiatives.

We are convinced that people in Peru do not read mostly because they don’t have access, or they don’t have the opportunity to have books that they are interesting or reading for fun. They don’t have enough opportunities where they experience Books that can amazing, inspiring and could make them go, ‘wow what a wonderful book!’

Walking Library participates at the 1st Book and Cultural Fair of Huanta

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