Authors of Books donating books to Puriynichik

Since we started our Project of Walking Library, it was a learning journey for us too. We discovered more about the world of children’s literature, the wealth of bibliography, publishers, book fairs, etc.

Common sense told us that in order for a book to be enjoyable by a child, it has to be enjoyable by adults. That is how we started reading and collecting all kinds of children’s books. And that is how we began getting contacted by authors and donating to us.

The first author was Jenny Castillo Jauregui, who is an illustrator, and gave us her book: Sumaq Willakuy (beautiful tales) stories about kids from Huancavelica, a bilingual edition in Spanish-Quechua.

After that, searching on the internet, we discovered the book Mancha Brava (Brave Group) , written by Antonio Orjeda, who we contacted via Social Media and quickly, he donated a copy of his book with a nice autograph writing for the children of Ayacucho.

And finally, as the icing on the cake,  Micaela Chirif, yes, the  winner of many literature awards, whose Works have been admired by the eager readers of Puriyninchik kids wrote us asking about our information so that she can donate her books.

Before we started this Project of walking Libraries, we never imagined how wonderful the world of books could be! But the most surprising thing was to get to know the authors behind the books and the fabulous world of imagination and illustration.

Even without knowing all the authors, we feel for a moment their wonderful heart, not only by their words, but by their generous actions through their literary babies and that made us very happy.

We would like to thank very much -through this blog, to all the writers, who are very special for us now. We also thank also to those who without being writers share their love for books and share these books with the children and teenagers who are eager to read in Ayacucho, Peru.

Authors of Books donating books to Puriynichik

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