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The Cardboard Books in Quechua

The Cardboard Books in Quechua The handmade cardboard books are an unexpected discovery. We got them without knowing that a whole cultural movement started in Argentina, as an effort to keep publishing during the financial crisis. In our case, we started writing handmade cardboard books out of the necessity of having books in Quechua language. […]

Library in times of pandemic

While our activities planned with the “Puriq Library” or walking library were encouraging, they were paralyzed by the national state of emergency declared by the Peruvian government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decree required everyone to participate in mandatory quarantine with all group gatherings, including all cultural activities being canceled. Our projects and activities […]

Authors of Books donating books to Puriynichik

Previous Next Since we started our Project of Walking Library, it was a learning journey for us too. We discovered more about the world of children’s literature, the wealth of bibliography, publishers, book fairs, etc. Common sense told us that in order for a book to be enjoyable by a child, it has to be […]

Participation at the Reading Mediation workshop in Trujillo

Previous Next From December 5-7, we participated in the workshop of reading mediation organized by Bibliotank Solutions in Alliance with other organizations that working in similar initiatives:  Cultural Association Chisco, Biciteca y Casa Luz Echeverre.  This time of reflection and formation was very important because it helped us organize and develop a better plan with more strategies. It was […]

Walking Library participates at the 1st Book and Cultural Fair of Huanta

Previous Next From November 19 to 22, 2019, the walking library of Puriyninchik at the 1st Book and Cultural fair. Many people appreciated and celebrated what we are doing. At the beginning of the fair, the children and teenagers were shy because they thought we would charge them or would sell them the books, but […]

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