Puriq library seeks the access of books for children and youth so that they can enjoy reading by themselves. And from there, they can also write their own books with the purpose of strengthening the culture of reading and writing.

Our goal is to consolidate our projects as a reading center in the rural and urban areas of Ayacucho with books in Spanish and Quechua.

Urban Library (Huamanga)

  • Currently, Puriyninchik Library has a space for reading, where we welcome children following the Covid safety guidelines (using masks, washing hands, and keeping social distance). We open our library Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays 3-6pm we go to a nearby park (Adulto Mayor) and let the children read books freely.
  • Puriyninchik library also continues to let the books borrow at home in the Covadonga area of the city of Ayacucho. To get the children more motivated, we have created a passport system where children write or draw their favorite part of the readings.
  • Starting in August 2021, we will start virtual events where we will read books and share music and art via internet.
  • We are also looking for new community and church spaces to set up a library with quality books where children can read and write with creativity.

Rural Library Biblioteca (Sarhua)

  • We executed the Project ‘Kusi yachay’ which means Happy Learning. This Project was awarded by the department of Culture of Peru which helped increase the levels of reading and writing with the Quechua speaking children in Sarhua.
  • Currently, we have an agreement with the municipality of Sarhua where we are helping to implement their community library. We also go once a month to help reading and writing with the children and youth.
  • We also promote the writing of cardboard hand-made books in Quechua and Spanish where children from rural and urban areas share their experiences and let their imagination flow.
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