We are a Christian association the promotes responsible civics and cultural identity, that begins with the quality education of young children, family and community in order to decrease social inequalities in the Andes of Peru.

We seek to reflect the love of God through our actions to make a difference to help the society to be more just, and to stand in solidarity with each other, where we can live a life with dignity.


A generation of responsible citizens that live in healthy families and community.

What do we want to achieve in a short term?

  • Consolidation and institutional growth.
  • Look for more strategic partners to keep fulfilling our goals and projects.
  • To open new libraries and follow up the existing ones.

What do we want to accomplish in a long term?

  • To strengthen our existing libraries and to implement new quality libraries in the region of Ayacucho.
  • To implement projects of responsible citizenship.
  • To consolidate a network and partnership to help in need.
  • To implement a intercultural center for children and youth where we can foster reading, writing, arts, music, sports to enhance their civic duties and be better citizens.

Cosmovision of Puriynichick

Puriynicnhik is a Quechua word that reflects the Christian and intercultural journey in the Andes of Peru.

‘Puriy’ means to walk, to advance, to be in pilgrimage.

‘ninchik’ it is suffix that means our; but it also means in the same level, equal, side by side. It also means same accord and belonging.

So, putting all of this together it means, our pilgrimage, our journey together.

What does all of this mean for our organization?

Puriynichik then means that we are in journey together in the Andes. We cannot live individually but in community. We see our life in our wasi (home), in ayllu (family) and in llaqta (community). We live in solidarity with each other but also we strive to make progress together.

In other words, our pilgrimage in the Andean Cosmovision is to live in community; so that Puriyninchik call us for our deep sense of belonging with family, community and God.

Therefore, a life with dignity means a quality life mentally, spiritually physically, with love and respect in family, in solidarity with the community, and respecting the environment in healthy relationship with God.

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