This Project seeks to publish children’s literature, from an intercultural perspective, to provide quality children’s books written in Quechua. At the same time, it seeks to bridge cultures and peoples in a friendly manner.

  • Our publishing house will celebrate the Quechua speaking people and helped be recognized with their rich oral and ancestral traditions.
  • To this day, we have published two books that are being sold and are registered with legal deposit and ISBN.
  • We have an interdisciplinary team with teachers, writers, artists, translators that are working very hard to produce more books. By December 2021 we plan to publish 4 more books.

Uywakuna – Animals in Quechua

This is a book for Young children, that invites children to know the name of animals singing to the tune of the Ayacuchan carnival song.


Piki Puka Kapa

This is a book for Young children, in Quechua and Spanish that invites children to get to know the colors, with rhymes and play on words.


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